Last night the choice was clear: Competence or Chaos

Tonight's debate confirmed what we already knew: the choice at this election is between the competence of a Conservative government or the chaos of Ed Miliband propped up by the SNP.

Time and time again, Nicola Sturgeon showed how the SNP would dominate a weak Labour leader - at one stage, she even promised to keep Ed Miliband 'honest'.

By contrast, we saw competence and strong leadership from David Cameron, the only leader with a clear plan to secure a better future for Britain.

And that plan is working - we've seen 1,000 new jobs every single day this Government has been in office; we've cut income tax for over 26 million people, helping them keep more of the money they earn; we've cut the deficit by half as a share of our economy and will get back in the black in the next Parliament so Britain can once again live within its means.

We are building a strong economy so we can secure the future of everyone in our country - whether that's by investing in our NHS, giving our children a good education or looking after the elderly in our society.

Tonight made it clearer than ever: that we have to keep on working through the plan and not go back to more debt, more taxes and more waste - all the things that got us into a mess to start with.