Shropshire Town Crime 'Summer Presence' campaign shows positive results

This summer, David Shaw, The Chief Constable of West Mercia, has launched a campaign to drive down town and city crime by ensuring his officers are more visible on the streets.

"The Chief Constable and his teams should be congratulated on their excellent "Summer Presence" campaign which targets drug related crime, violence and disorder during the summer months throughout West Mercia." says Adrian Blackshaw, the Conservative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia.

He said:  "It is pleasing to note that the "Summer Presence" campaign has ensured a much higher visibility of Police Officer teams throughout the summer period in Shropshire, including the main centres of Shrewsbury and Telford.  However, with the UK Crime Statistics website showing that in June there were 1,922 incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour and 377 incidents of Violent Crime in Shropshire, and although these figures are reducing month by month, we will still need to do all we can to help and support the Police."

Mr Blackshaw added: "I firmly believe that the public would like to see this zero-tolerance approach enshrined in the "Summer Presence" campaign being developed  into an 'All Year Presence' throughout Shropshire.  I also fully support such a robust approach by the Police, as ultimately all people will feel much safer in their towns and cities, knowing that such criminal behaviour involving drugs, alcohol and anti-social behaviour is being tackled in a swift and firm manner."

He also wished to praise the partnership between the Police and Landlords and Licensees when he said "It is also pleasing to note that there is a lot of work being carried out in partnership with the landlords and licensees throughout Shropshire.  I am sure that they will appreciate being advised of their responsibilities, as well as making them aware of any potential drug use or problems on their premises. A Police visit to their establishment should be reassuring to both the staff and public."