Business Crime by Adrian Blackshaw, PCC Candidate

It was interesting to note that the recent Business Crime Index Survey from Axa Insurance   showed that levels of business crime are increasing.

As someone with a business background, I thought I would dig a little deeper. I was  surprised to discover from the survey and national data, that the Home Office does not have a separate recognised recorded category of 'Business Crime.'

As a candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner election, being held on Thursday 15th November, I believe it is very important for us to understand the levels of crime against businesses in Herefordshire, Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin and Worcestershire, to find out what the Police are doing about such crime and what interaction is taking place between the Police and the business communities in West Mercia?

If elected in November, it would be my intention to revisit our links with the Business Community and to actively engage with them, by creating a Police and Crime Advisory Board for the Business community in West Mercia.

This new Board would look at key issues of concern and would agree any action plans to improve matters.  It would also consider how crime might be prevented, look at creative ideas and thoughts on improving the working relationship between business and the police. 

By working with the business community, I would hope that all employers and employees would feel safer and more secure, which in turn should encourage inward investment to the area, creating jobs and wealth.